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About Us

Symphony of Healing started as a prayer Linda Stalvey created during her third year of study at the National Spiritual Science Center in Washington, D.C. That year was dedicated to learning the principles of energetic and spiritual healing of self and others. In part, the prayer asked, "Mother-Father God, play each of us individually as you would an instrument in an orchestra. Let each us channel your healing light so together we may create a symphony of healing."

Linda wondered about the musical inspiration and metaphor in the prayer, as she had zero musical training and couldn't carry a tune in the proverbial bucket. "I was know to lipsync "Happy Birthday," many heard her say.

Now, 20 years later, she is amazed at the journey the prayer started. She has been guided through ordination by the National Spiritual Science Center in 1994, National Certification Board Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork massage certification in 1995, and DreamWeaver Facilitator certification in 1998. "I didn't have the DreamWeaver in the house more than a couple of months when I found myself in voice lessons," she laughs. Four years of piano lessons and two years of cello followed. "I was blessed with wonderful teachers who understood that my musical journey was one of personal healing and growth through experiencing the power and magic of music, voice and vibration."

Moved by the experience of pregnancy and birth, Linda certified as a doula through ICEA, although she never actively practiced as a doula. Coupled with her pregnancy massage training, Linda enjoys working with this population.  Resonating to the student archetype, Linda has continued her educational journey expanding techniques and modalities to better serve clients drawn to Symphony of Healing.

For those who are interested in such things, Linda had a 25-year career in the federal government in biomedical research, administration and public information/media affairs at the National Institutes of Health, the Selective Service System and the Department of Veterans Affairs. She holds a B.S. in biology from Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio, and an M.S. in public relations from American University in Washington, D.C .

She is wife, mother and leader of the pack for her four-legged kids. Also a freelance writer, Linda currently is working on her first full length novel--a middle grade fantasy.

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